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Chicago IL
Software Engineer, Photographer, Blogger

About me

Hi, my name is Han. I am the site owner of www.han-sulu.com. I designed and implemented this blog site, for tracking all the interesting things I do, show case my photographs, improve my writing skills and connect with people.

How Long have I been a Programmer

For most of my adult life. I have started writing programs since I was 16 years old. The first program I wrote was in PASCAL. Later I picked up C/C++. With these I was able to get through college, and get two jobs for three years which paid a my bills. After I got to San Diego, CA, I started working on Java and C#. And I did web services, web based applications, micro services, with these two languages. Later, I added JavaScript, and SQL DB related skills. They are what I do now.

I wrote two books so far. One is about Adobe Flex 3. I wrote it in Chinese. Another one I finished last year, was about how to use Jersey to design RESTFul web services. I have great fun working on these two. But it was also painful. So is developing a blog software from scratch. These work take a long time, and have very little reward. I recommend people not to do this.

What is Your Story with Photography

I picked up photography in 2009. It was one of those things that I had very little idea when I started. And some how I ended up spending the longest time trying to figure it out. I figured out the basics, but I don't know if I have any energy and resources to learn the in-depth skills.

The upside of what I have learned is that, with my camera, I was able to take great photos of family, items and things, scenic, and portraiture of friends, strangers. I have been use my camera to take photos of Anime and Cosplay conventions. I also took some portraiture classes and practices. Because I was so busy with everything else, I have not done much of photo shoots. I need to pick up photography again. The challenge is that there is not much materials for shoots. Maybe this is the problem that I need to solve/surpass in order to take my photography skill to the next level.

What is with Writing

Writing is a lofty goal that I have set for myself. It is something that I believe, if I can do it very well, I would surpass myself. Writing is not the only skill that makes a post attractive to the readers, there are some other skills (marketing, sales, etc) might make the writing better than what it actually is. With this site, I will do a lot of writing. Along the way, I will also pick up some new skills. The idea I had is that I don't want to stuck in being a programmer and not good at everything else. Writing is something will help me make myself better than what I am now. At least I hope it will help me with this.