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Terms of Service

Last Update: 02/17/2017

Hello there, here are the terms of www.hansulu.com. Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all visitors, users and others who access or use the Service.

Copy Rights

The site admin, Han (here by referring as Han), designed and implemented this blog application, and the core engine that runs this blog. The site admin, Han, has the copy rights to this blog application, its core engine, and the source code.

The blog posts, the pages, updates, and any images under Galleries and Latest Photos (hereby referring as items) are all created by site admin Han. The images should have watermarks of "Han Sulu", "Showcase By Han", or "Cosplay FanBoy". There water marks should be the indication of copy rights ownership belongs to Han.

All other items will have author names associated with them which indicates copy right ownership.

Within some of the blog posts, pages, and updates, Han might used images or other multi-media resources that were created by others. Han does not claim the copy rights ownership of these items, and Han will be as diligent as possible to give credits to the owner of these items, Han respects the copy rights of others. As a visitor if you believe there is any violation, please contact us, and Han will promptly remove the items that are believed to be copy right infringed.

Watermark I Have Used

In the past, I have used the following watermarks to set copy rights on my photos

  • ShowCase-by-Han, or showcase-by-han
  • Cosplay Fanboy
  • Han-Sulu

If you see any images that are watermarked with these, 95% of time, they belongs to me.

User/Visitor Rights

This site is design specifically as a personal web site/blog application. It will not be opened for user registration. Han has the ability to grant any one access to the more restricted features, and the ability to promote the user with more privileges. For normal visitors, one is only authorized to leave comments on blog posts, updates, and images. Comments are approved by Han before they are available for public viewing. Visitors can also leave private messages to Han. Please do not spam or troll this site. You will be banned.

In order to leave a comment, private message, or subscribe to newsletters, visitors must leave a valid email address. The email addresses collected by this site will not (not ever) be used by this site for spamming purposes. If you are concerned about this, please kindly ask Han to remove your contact for news letters. Your email address will not be share with others (other company or persons), ever.