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Spring MVC Application With Spring Security and Spring Rest

06/05/2018 03:04:11


This tutorial will discuss how to use annotations to setup a Spring MVC web application, integrating with Spring Security, and Spring Rest. I started learning this about a year ago. And there were little documentation. Now, there are a lot. What I am trying to do with this tutorial, is to provide a more comprehensive example than the ones out there. What is the significance of using annotation to do a Spring based web application? Before this, you had to use xml based configuration to setup the Spring IoC container, and to describe how components interact with each other. Fully annotated Spring application frees the developer from creating a lot of XML configuratin files. And the developer can design his/her own version of configuration files to host necessary information or data for their application's needs. I believe this is the greatest strength that spring annotations for application develpoment. As you are going through the code and the tutorial, you will see what I meant.

UI-BootStrap Modal Dialog Tutorial

04/12/2018 02:28:36


In this tutorial, I will show how to properly use ui-bootstrap to open a popup modal dialog in an AngularJS application. In addition to this, I will show how to pass data from caller to the pop up modal dialog. And how to retrieve the results from the pop up modal dialog by the caller.

Bootstrap Modal Dialog Interaction with AngularJS 1.6.x

02/26/2018 03:22:57


It was two years ago, I encountered this issue. I need to open a Bootstrap Modal dialog in an AngularJS application. Somehow, I couldn't get ui-bootstrap to work. ui-boostrap is a 3rd party component that can be integrated with AngularJS to support any Bootstrap related behaviors. It is quite painful to use at times. After some research I realized that without using ui-bootstrap, it is quite easy to add dynamic behaviors to Bootstrap Modal dialogs.

KnockOut.js Template Tutorial

01/09/2018 04:57:44


There are two ways to create a template and use it with KnockOut JS. The first one is very easy to do, define a template in the same JavaScript section, then simply use it. The second one is a little more complicated. This second approach allows the template to be splitted out into separated files, and loaded into the main page for use. The first approach, although it is simple, it is useless. The second approach promotes resuability, but it is slightly more complicated, and more fun to discuss. It involves the use of require.js and text.js. Even though this is a bit complicated, the official documentation provided by KnockOut.js sufficiently described how to accomplish this. This tutorial will provide working example and the way to test using Jetty Web Server.

Using Jetty Web Server to Serve Static Web Content

01/09/2018 04:57:30


For this article, I just want to discuss two different approaches of using Jetty, the J2EE web server to serve/deliver static web content to the users. Static web content are file like web page files (*.html), JavaScript files (*.js), non-text web resources like text files (*.txt), image files (*.jpg. *.gif, *.png, etc). This is an easy technical problem, for most of the times, one can just open these files in web browsers. If this does not satisfy one's need, one can also use a HTTP web server like Apache Http Web Server, or Ngnix. Alternatively, one can use Python, Ruby on Rail or Node JS to start a light weigh web server. But for us who know the J2EE web server, using Jetty to serve static web content is just easy to do.

Most Useful FFMPEG Commands

12/16/2017 05:20:45


In this page, I listed out a few commands I commonly use for simple video editing using ffmpeg. These commands should solve ninety percent of common operations that I normally face. I hope they will be useful for you.

Games I Would Like to Play Some Day

03/22/2017 04:00:58


I like games. When I was young, I only had a Nintendo for a month. When I grew up, I had an XBox 360 for a couple years, on which I played Halo, Call of Duty, and Fallout games. When I moved from California to Illinois, I sold my XBox. I continued playing some games like Fallout New Vegas, and Mass Effect series on PC. But with two children, even there is time, when I play the game, I just felt drained. Anyways, I created this page to track all the games I like to play some day.