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My Updates

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Site was down for 10 days, Apologies
Updated - 04/16/2018 02:28:31

I received an email from host company regarding the reboot of the server. Didn't pay attention. And the site didn't auto start after the reboot. Took 10 days to notice. I don't think anyone is reading this site. If you do, my apologies. Now, I would check the site once per day to make sure this wouldn't happen again.

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I have updated the sites CPU and Memory
Updated - 02/26/2018 03:27:40

My host company sent me an email a while back mentioned that I can upgrade the number of CPU and the size of memory for the server of this web site and kept the same price I was paying. It took me a while, but I finally did the upgrade. This is fantastic.

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I finished Fallout New Vegas
Updated - 06/13/2017 02:45:01

It was in my Steam account for at least 6 years. I finally finished this game. There were a lot of quests, there is just no way (no time actually) for me to finish the majority of the quests. In the end, I rushed through the wild card ending. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of time "wasted". It was finally done.

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I have being playing "Fallout -New Vegas"
Updated - 04/15/2017 03:54:00

I have been playing Fallout - New Vegas from beginning, then lost my saved games for at least 3 times. This is the third time. I am determined to finish it. What I have done is use cheat mode, get all my favorite weapons and explore. I play every Sunday for 2 hours. Hopefully I will finish it this time.

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A New Mass Effect Game is Almost Out
Updated - 03/21/2017 03:45:00

I got this poster from IO9.

A new Mass Effect game is going to be available at midnight tonight. I was thrilled about it for most of the past year. The thrill is wearing off because I heard some very unpleasant reviews about it. Complexity is the real issue here, with such an ambitious undertaking, the outcome might not be the best quality.

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Being lazy lately
Updated - 03/13/2017 16:58:22

I wasn't being lazy, it is just I don't have any free time to add new content. I have started a new coding project. For this site, I have uploaded the photos I have took of last year's convention. Enjoy!

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Horizontal Zero Dawn Looks Like a Cool Game
Updated - 03/09/2017 04:09:03
"Horizon Zero Dawn" Looks Like a Cool Game. Wish this game was available for all consoles, including PC or XBox. Unfortunately it was only for PS only.
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The first blog post of this site published.
Updated - 02/26/2017 03:06:52

I just published a post on my thoughts about this web site and the core blog engine that runs it. In the post, discussed the whole process I took to write this web site, and the lessons I have learned. I believe this will bring some closure to me for finishing this web site.

How I Wrote this Blog Site and the Core Blog Engine