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Every year, I make 5-6 article submissions to The topics I focused on mostly are Java and web based technologies. For the year 2020, I have made two submissions so far, And I am working on the 3rd one. This page is created to track my progress for this year. I am currently on track. Please check back here and see if any new progress has been made.

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It was a tradition I started a few years ago. As a new year's resolution, every year I would contribute a few articles to In year 2018, I believe, I have contributed at least 12 for the year. It took a lot of my time. Almost every month, I would spend at least a week and create a article, then sent it to the editor. After that year, I decided to kick it back a bit. Instead of 12, I would create about 5 per year.

For 2020, I have had a great start and created two articles so far, for the month June, I will also complete the third one. I am using this page to track my progress on this work. Here are the status of the past and current work:

Reusable AngularJS Component: Warning Stripe


Posted on: Aug 3, 2020

Summary: In this tutorial, I will discuss how to build a reusable component with AngularJS, a status text display that can be used everywhere.

Hierarchical Comment Display


Posted on: Jun 16, 2020

Summary: This tutorial will show you how to load and display hierarchical structured comments using RESTFul service and JavaScript.

Html Editor With StapesJS


Posted on: Jun 16, 2020

Summary: In this tutorial I will create a WYSWYG html editor using StapesJS and UnderScoreJS.

Send Email with Java and Yahoo! Mail


Posted on: Apr 23, 2020

Summary: A short tutorial on Javax Mail and how o send email to Yahoo Mail.

A Simple Tutorial on RequireJS


Posted on: Feb 10, 2020

Summary: This tutorial will introduce the basics needed to use RequireJS to build modularized web applications with JavaScript.

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