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This page list all the projects I have committed myself to. You can check each project see the progress, the details of the projects, all the difficulties I have to face, and how to solve these difficulties. Unlike the blog posts or the articles, These long posts could be the most interesting reads on this site, And these posts are updated frequently, to track the progress. I spent two years develop the application to get this site running. It is time to do something different, something simpler and can be tracked as I progress along. I hope you the readers will enjoy these unique posts

Project: Code Project Submissions 2020


Every year, I make 5-6 article submissions to The topics I focused on mostly are Java and web based technologies. For the year 2020, I have made two submissions so far, And I am working on the 3rd one. This page is created to track my progress for this year. I am currently on track. Please check back here and see if any new progress has been made.

Han Sulu     06/04/2020

Project: Site Maintenance


Since the site came online, I had to fix a number of issues. They are relatively easy (compare to the ones I have to face at work). This project page will keep tracking all the issues, the ways I have fixed them, and provide some insights to anyone who needs them.

Han Sulu     06/03/2020

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