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This page list all the articles I have published. Articles are infrequent posts I made from time to time. They contain the most details. I consider them the best of the best I have posted on this site. Some of these are the summary of the work I have done, which include technical specs on software engineering, programming tips and tricks, OS (Linux) reviews, gaming review, and how-to tutorials. I value details. It is what makes these page special. Please check back frequently for something spectacular.

How to Load and Display Hierarchical Structured Comments


This tutorial will show you how to load ad display hierarchical structured comments using RESTFul service and Javascript.

Han Sulu     07/21/2020

A Tutorial on Stapes JS - Reusable HTML Editor


This tutorial will show how o design an HTML editor using Stapes JS and JQuery.

Han Sulu     07/12/2020

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