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This Blog Site is Not Abandoned
Updated - 08/26/2019 01:26:32
Category: Recent Updates
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It has been a very rough year. Many things happened. I am getting back to blogging. And I am determined to keep up this time. Why did I stop? When I finished the last post, something hit me. This blog site was still primitive. I want it better. And I had a great idea how to design it. So I spent the past eight months working on it. Life style change also squeezed out a lot my free time. As I realized I can't finish the new blog engine. I decided to resume my blogging here. I admit, I was wrong trying to abandon this site. I should have more faith with this site. Why? Because I checked just recently, searching with keyword "Han Sulu", this site appears in page #1.

From Where I Left Off

In Jan 2019, I lost a car. I gotta say, cheap Ford car is crap. I will not buy another Ford again. In fact I probably won't buy another American car. I might not buy any cheap car in the future. We bought a used Audi Q5. It was amazing. It costed twice as I have hoped, and I had to take a loan for the car. But the car offered a lot more. It was reliable; it handles very smoothly and the cruise control is just amazing; the entertainment system works very well. The only thing I felt sorry for is that I was putting a lot of mileage on it. I hope one day I can stop doing that to the car.

In March, I had to pay a lot of taxes. I sold a lot of stocks to cover the payment for the house. Then the car down payment also took a chunk from my saving. What was worse was that Illinois state sent another bill saying I didn't pay the state tax in full. This state has been a huge sore to my life. I live in it for the longest time of my life, and it has been a place where I can't prosper. I swear I will never take residence in Illinois again! Same as Connecticut!

It has been a year and I have paid down more than half of the $40,000 I have owed to my parents. This has been a huge relief! I felt bad. I saved and saved since I start working, and yet still was not able to collect enough money to pay the house in full. I had to borrow a little bit here and there to cover the expenses. As soon as I settled, I began to save and return what I owed. The $40,000 would be first to be repaid. Then I would work on the car loan. At the same time, I have been able to tuck away $600 per month after other savings to my investment account. It is the time again. I will have to take another bih chunk of money to pay the property tax. This year is really tough. Next year, hopefully the fiscal outcome will be better.

In 2018, I published 10 articles to codeproject.com. I barely made it. And because I was doing this, I didn't have time to take care of this blog. This is just one reason. There are many other reasons I tried to lose this blog. For now, I will continue contributing for this blog.

What Else Has Happened?

Early in 2019, I brought another TV for my new house. And the old Polariod LCD TV was moved into the basement. This gave me the chance to buy three video game consoles. One is XBox 360. The second one is Xbox One S. Recently I got a used PlayStation 4 Slim. And I brought 40+ video games, all used. It was surprising to me that these used video games were so inexpensive. Some were cheaper than a big water melon. Once I got the first couple games. It was like opening a flood gate. I kept buying. Every month I spent no more than $40 for the games. And I would get 3 or maybe 5 games. Eventually I got all the titles I wanted. Buying PlayStation 4 (PS4) and a bunch of PS4 games made my collection a little more complete. So I won't buy any more games for a while. I have a separated page on all my game collections. And I will write about the game playing experience here.

I have been driving up and down US-131 for more than a year. My back hurts. It is better sometimes, and worse some times. I work after 9PM and go on all the way to 11:30PM. Sometimes I stay up later. Then I got up at 6:15AM in the monring and getting into office around 8:15AM. I think I need more sleep. I wish I had more time each day. There are so much I need to accomplish. I have to work on the new blog software. The concept I have come up is quite amazing. There are a lot of tasks to accomplish. I will get there. Meanwhile, I will continue publishing at codeproject.com. And adding more content to han-sulu.com

Stay tuned!