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About This Site

Last Updated: 02/16/2017

My name is Han. I am a software engineer by trade. Like all immigrants who ended up in the United States, I was here to chase my American dream. I immigrated to United States in the summer of 1995. As today, I have accomplished the goal of achieving my American Dream. I went through two top tier Universities in the states, and received two degrees, both in Computer Science. I have worked for several big companies. Over the years, I have accumulated a small fortune (small compare to the multi-millionaires). These are all insignificant in comparison with the experience I had. I learned how to speak and write in English. I acquired the skills I needed to succeed as a great software engineer.

These past accomplishments should make me happy. But to be honest, I was miserable all the time. I was always worried, not making enough to provide for the family, or losing everything I have. By looking at my bank account and my investments, I wouldn't lose everything. But I am worried. I read the book "How to Stop Worrying". For a whil, I did stop worrying but it didn't last long. I don't know how many people are out there like me, probably everyone (more or less). I might be the one who worries more than the rest of the population. It is just recently I am thinking about how I should find happiness, constant happiness.

I was always frugal. Getting to America and fearing of losing everything just made this even worse. Being frugal and accumulating wealth is not a disease. Sometimes going too far is just not cool. Recently few years, I have been studying of getting financially independent. Everything I saw on the net is just not right for me and the family. Looks like I am on my own, and I have to discover my own way towards it. I know this is going to be a slow grind towards the goal. I will have to accept this. And I think this is going to be fun. I will document as much as I can and post on this site.

What I also like to discuss on this site is how to be happy with work and with one's own life in general. It is weird. I am one of the most unhappiest guy on earth. How can I give advice on this? Here is the thing. We live in U.S.A. It is the greatest country in the world. We are probably getting the best pay rate in the world. There are many other things that are the best about this country. Being grateful of what we have should be a good enough life for me. If I am unhappy about this, then I should learn to be happy. Luckily there were a lot of resources for this. This is the most important aspect I like to document and share.

Besides financial independence and being happy with work and life, I will always be interested about technology, especially with solving problems with technologies. I have been a contributor to CodeProject.com for a long time. And I will continue doing that. I will be posting these to this blog as well. I will not overwhelm this blog with technical posts. But they will be part of this blog. I can't change who I am. There were days where I dreamt one day I will be an architect working for a respectable company. I have given up such unrealistic dream. Instead, I will pick a worthy dream for myself. I will reveal what the dream is in my writing. Stay tuned.

What else do I want to discuss in this "About this site"? I have discussed about my origin; what I am good at; what I am mostly interested (being financially independent and being happy about what I am); and what I like to write for my blogs. WHat else is there? Oh right. I do play video/PC games sometimes. My favorite series are "Fall Out", "Halo", and "Call of Duty". But I have not played these forever. Not sure if I will be able to pick them up again. It is the price we paid for growing old. I won't spend any time writing about game playing here for sure.

I am leaving the "About this site" as it is for now. If I forgot anything, I will add in as new sections. For now, please enjoy this one and be sure to check out the other sections of this site. If you are interested about receiving regular updates, please signup here. And if you have any questions and comments, you can leave me a private message. For the blog posts here you can always leave comments below them. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this site.

Sincerely yours...

Han Sulu